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Attack Resistance Platform

Innovate your security faster than cybercrime

Don’t wait for a security incident to find the open doors in your attack surface that bad actors target.

The Attack Resistance Platform

Outmatch cybercriminals with a legion of ethical hackers who work for you. Our platform combines security experts with automation to pinpoint critical application flaws before they can be exploited.

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Product Portfolio

The HackerOne portfolio delivers a suite of preemptive solutions to help you achieve attack resistance from asset discovery to continuous testing and coverage validation.

Our customers know the score

Having in-depth visibility of our attack surface is a core part of our security strategy.With HackerOne Assets and the insights it brings from the hacking community, our security team has been able to effectively prioritize those areas of our attack surface that need the most attention, helping us address security gaps faster.

Work Smarter with Integrations

The Attack Resistance Platform integrates with the most popular communications, development, and cybersecurity solutions to put more flow into your work.

Integration Platforms