For Governments: Protect the Nation

The stakes could not be higher. To preserve national security, ensure the integrity of the state, and protect citizens and their data, federal and state agencies must find vulnerabilities in their systems. HackerOne’s vetted hackers stand ready to serve their nation and help reduce cyber risk in compliance with federal directives.

Governments Worldwide Trust HackerOne

From Singapore to the European Union and the U.S. Army to the Air Force, government agencies are adopting Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Disclosure Programs to help secure their data and systems.

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Cybersecurity for Federal Agencies

Why Every Federal Agency Needs A VDP

A vulnerability disclosure policy increases security and extends an open hand to a community that wants to secure our nation in cyberspace. In accordance with the CISA Binding Operational Directive 20-01, and as a FedRAMP authorized provider, HackerOne is the leader in federal hacker-powered security solutions and Vulnerability Disclosure best practices.

Why Every Federal Agency Needs a VIP

Cybersecurity for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies are now entrusted with an unparalleled volume of sensitive data. The integrity of government digital systems is more important than ever. From census to national defense and health and human services data, protecting the federal government from cyber threats is prompting policy change. Doing nothing is not an option.

Access Cybersecurity Experts with Clearance

HackerOne cybersecurity experts are U.S. citizens, have security clearances (including Top Secret and Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information), and specialize in federal agency requirements. We can match your agency to hackers who:

  • Find cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis
  • Prioritize these risks based upon potential impacts
  • Enable cybersecurity personnel to focus on the most significant problems first

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Cybersecurity for State and Local Gov

Cybersecurity for State and Local Gov

Election security and citizen privacy protection are priorities for state and local governments. Ransomware attacks have left no part of the country unspared, from rural areas like Garfield County, Utah and Lake City, Florida, to major metropolitan cities like Baltimore and Atlanta. No matter how large or small the challenge, ethical hackers can help.

Secure Elections and Citizens

Secure Elections and Citizens

Ensure your state has a monitored process in place to receive vulnerability reports from third-party sources. With over 500,000 skilled hackers and security researchers, HackerOne can help flag potential issues to your security team before they can be exploited and impact the election, power grid, or other critical systems (including SCADA).

HackerOne Solutions for Government

Vulnerability Disclosure

Establish the process for and receive reporting of unknown or harmful security vulnerabilities to the proper person or team in your organization.

HackerOne Clear

Let trusted hackers continuously test for vulnerabilities in public, private, and time-bound programs, all designed to meet your unique security needs.

Bug Bounty

Let trusted hackers continuously test for vulnerabilities in public, private, and time-bound programs, all designed to meet your unique security needs.